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Subject:GI Joe: Resolute
Time:09:13 am
If you've seen it you'll know why I'm here. If you haven't, here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmahUDrswxY

Do I need spoiler space for something that happens thirty seconds into the show?

I like the edge. I like that they're not afraid to kill. But seeing my favourite character lying stone dead in the opening scene is not going to endear me to this show. The icon above describes what my brain did after I got over the initial shock. I think it's still doing it a little.

I noticed a few things: he's in civvies, not in uniform. Secondly, the dagger in his chest has a very obvious Cobra motif. I have a bunch of unanswered questions which I am holding out faint hope (because apparently I am one of a very few people who actually like this character) will be answered. Mostly I want to know who killed him and why. Suddenly it's a murder mystery for me. :)

I know this is a gripes comm, but I find myself trying not to be all angry. I'm not happy, that's for sure, but I try to keep an open mind. That and this isn't the only continuity out there. And it just might get me to write some more. I was already working up what happens next/happened before in my head last night (once I got over the shock).

Now I know how the Lady Jaye fans must've felt during the Devil's Due comic run.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Apparently it's not out of my system yet.
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Subject:Looking of new members for my new Transformers/G.I.Joe group.
Time:04:08 am
Current Mood:awake
I'm trying to promote my new group named Writen in Blood and Oil a Transformers and G.I.Joe Dark Fiction/ Drabble group. It's a 100 drabbles/ fan fiction thing. I still have some light tweeking to do, but otherwise its ready to add some members. Here's the link.

Written in Blood and Oil.
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Subject:There is NO G.I.Joe groups at Deadjournal
Time:02:00 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Sad but true, there isn't any groups for G.I.Joe at Deadjournal and I want to change that. I was thinking of something on the lines of a 100 promps writing mame thingy mixed with Transformers. Where the writer can ether write a G.I.Joe drabble, a Transfomers drabble, or a G.I. Joe/Transformers drabble. And since it is Deadjournal we're dealing with I was thinking of the promps be dark/gothic/horror/angst/kink like to go with the Deadjournal feel. So if anyone is willing to help me I would be most greatful.

Oh there is one thing, if anyone is interested in getting a Deadjournal account you will need an access code to get one. I got my code here.


The link to Deadjournal is here.


And the link to my Deadjournal page is here.


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Subject:Devils Due site/forums/news/hello?
Time:11:35 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
Does anyone know if DD still have a forum since they moved to that evil ugly place on the 'net MySpace? I'd like to know if AE #26 is coming out soon ... it should be in the next two weeks, according to my internal JoeMeter(TM), but Diamond doesn't have it listed. Why did they get rid of their other forums? They're insane. Meh. Lunchtime. Nonsequitur. Paramecium.
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Subject:Do these BDUs make me look fat?
Time:11:06 pm
I went to the DD site to check on current issues--I haven't exactly been keeping up--and saw the whole 25th anniversary thing. Aside from the fact that Spirit looks like he's gained about 60 pounds (he's on the far left of the banner thing), I noticed that the forums are gone "for an indefinite period."

That was the only reason I ever went to their site from the moment it was created. I used to enjoy getting into discussions, and lately, I would read the summaries just to keep up with events and to see if an issue was worth getting. I also enjoyed looking at fan artwork. But it's gone, and it seems like the previews are the only thing to look at now. I wonder why they took away a feature that was obviously utilized by so many people?

What will Rainbow Six do with his time? I felt like interacting with these people (or at least reading their comments) kept me a part of the fandom--I knew the likes and dislikes and obsessions of so many of them, and it's gone. I suppose that since I haven't commented there in over a year, I can't exactly complain...but honestly, the only reason I've bought some of the issues since the LJ debacle was because someone there said the story was getting good again, or commented that page X was a great moment, or that the artwork on X page was really good.

Bummer. I know JMM's forum is still up but it's not the same.

OH but on the upside, one of the camp kids had a stack of Sigma Six comics with him the other day, and we had a good chat about G.I. Joe (even though he thinks that S6 is the only version that exists*). The funny thing was, he had a "roster" type issue with him--file cards on the Joes and Cobras that included Flint and Cover Girl, who I didn't think were part of the S6 universe. ANYWAY, all of the Joes were listed as being really short. Flint was 5'10" and only two were over 6' (if I remember correctly). Ok, they're not short short, but that's pretty short for a comic book character. I just thought that was odd.

*Another kid asked, "Oh, what's the name of the really big black guy with the huge gun?" and I answered "Roadblock," but then one kid said, "Heavy Duty," and the others said, "Oh, right. Heavy Duty. Who's Roadblock?"
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Subject:Hello :)
Time:10:33 am
Current Mood:goodgood
Thought I'd say hi in this community! *waves around*

...I added my gripes to amykay73's last posted gripe thread. So there you have it.

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Subject:Fic writing gripes?
Time:02:16 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Two for one gripes today.  On my flist in the last couple of days I've come across some discussions about general fic writing likes and dislikes.  One discussion had to do with dialogue in fic, another with not liking certain word choices.

So specifically, in GI Joe fics what dialogue habits bug you?  Gung-Ho or Beachhead speaking in phonetics?  Everyone spouting off complete and grammatically correct sentences?  Or the opposite where everyone sounds like they are high schoolers that failed basic English?  Do you like more 'real' sounding dialogue or does it irritate you that none of the Joes sound like they are actually in the military?  And to turn towards the comics, do you like Larry Hama's style of writing 'Hey I might need a dictionary to understand this, but I love the way it sounds!' or some of the other Devils Due writers 'It's obvious none of them have been close to a military installation, but at least I get what is happening.'

And what are certain words/terms/actions that turn you off in fics?  I'm thinking specifically about smut, but it could relate to other types of fic as well.  Since GI Joe was my first fandom, and I have since branched out into others, I seem to be always amazed how different the Joe fandom is from others.  Not in a good way or a bad - but it seems like certain (at least what I always believed were) accepted practices are not cool elsewhere.  Or vice versa - I find things in other fandoms that I don't like that I know GI Joe never had. 
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Time:01:42 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Hmm...Not enough griping around here lately. 

The latest sales numbers for AE came in.  It's now getting just over 15,000 readers.  It again makes me wonder how low DD can go.  I definitely think that DD has taken a step in the right direction with the new creative team, and I'm interested in the current arc.  But I'm sure not going to to cry many tears when if they announce they're closing up shop. 

Issue 24 and the big 25th anniversary issue 25 is getting some hype.  24 promises a 'huge' twist at the end that will change the Joe team 'forever'!  Yes, I know I've heard this before but comic gods help me, I'm a little bit excited by this tease.  Fans are throwing around theories.  One is that Lady Jaye is coming back.  Despite the fact that I sympathize with and understand all of the arguments against why this a good idea, the fact still remains that if she does return I will without a doubt become DD's whipping girl again.  Another theory is that Destro dies.  I can go either way with this.  But the one theory that has me grinding my teeth when I think about it too much is that they reveal the Baroness's baby is actually Flint's.  You can see why I might be slightly perturbed, right?Collapse )

And I have to say I'm kind of annoyed at the DD board for forcing me to devote this much thought on the subject. :)

In an unrelated rant, another discussion started about Hama being the be-all and end-all GI Joe canon god.  Mike O pointed out that while Hama deserves a lot of credit for his work on GI Joe, he has written about 63% of the total Joe issues, and the other creators involved should get some credit as well.  There's a debate over the numbers, and an attempt at rewording the statistics so it sounds better for Hama - "But he wrote over 90% of the pre-DD stuff and that counts more!".   I think Hama is a great writer.  I do really enjoy rereading his old issues, and I do think a lot of his stuff is better written than others.  However it does bug me the whole absolute unfailing reverence a lot of fans hold for him.  If you ever read one of his interviews, every time he's asked about the Marvel Joe work he did his answer is something along the lines of "It was a job, and I hope I did well."  It's nothing negative against him, I just find it ironic that so many people are like "Gasp!  What would Larry think?" when it seems like he just really doesn't care.  I'm sure he didn't spend the days in between Marvel and DD worrying about whether Scarlett finally married that lovable mute, and if Hawk ever got a chance to take down Cobra Commander once and for all.  I'm not thrilled with DD but I do admit that they are the comic canon. 

Now hopefully one day they'll decide to hit the reset button...
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Time:08:59 pm

Serious rant here with swearsCollapse )
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Subject:Not quite a gripe
Time:01:54 am
Please tell me you've all seen the interview with Ron Friedman on the DVD "The Revenge of Cobra." I've had the disc forever and never got around to it. He's talking about the initial development of the show and making action figures into real characters, and says, "The action figure cards say things like, Snake Eyes: He likes to be alone. His favorite weapons are nunchucks, or numbskulls, or whatever the hell they are..." LOL. And then he calls the Baroness a "sex toy plaything love object" and describes Shipwreck as a "Jack Nicholson" type character with a smart-ass parrot on his shoulder.

In regard to his own writing, he says, "My wife always asks me, 'These bad pornographic women's novels sell--why don't you write one and we'll be fabulously wealthy?' and I say, 'I can't do that. The people that do that think they're Tolstoy. They're giving it their all and they're sincerely rotten. I have to be sincerely mediocre.'"

Also he created the character Lady Jaye for Hasbro, and yes, the "J" is for Javelin. I don't think I've ever heard that actually confirmed anywhere before. Maybe I have, I dunno...But I never really thought about the characters being developed by anyone other than the action figure people at Hasbro, or maybe Hama. Nor the thought that several of them appeared on the show a couple of years before they were in the comic book. I don't know why I never put that together before...I suppose because I watched the show as a kid and didn't get into the comics until I was older, and I just assumed since the comic came first...

Yeah. Miss the show. Wish they'd release the last DVD set, darn it. I want to watch "Grey Hairs and Growing Pains" again. I haven't seen that one since it was last aired in reruns, whenever that was. *pouts*
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